Monday, 7 July 2014

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell


by Rainbow Rowell

At first when I purchased this novel I was reluctant into reading it. I didn't know what I was going to expect when reading this novel and the story surrounding the idea of a 'Fangirl' attached to 'FanFiction'. I decided I needed a feel-good novel that would match my current emotions of happiness and relaxation on a sunny day. 

The central protagonist Cath, a small town, quiet and social anxiety teenager made me furious at first. Her attachment to these characters Baz and Simon was uncanny. It was cringe-worthy. However, as I read on I understood her passion towards these characters and her struggles coming with writing something completely original, her fiction writing classes. As a wake up call I urge all who want to go into writing as a career to re-think their decisions, is University a good way into starting of that career? The pressure of writing on a deadline about something you have no clue over, or the passion for. As a young writer my dream is to write, but University is not the way for me. Experience is.

I enjoyed this novel actually more than i expected to. I rooted for Cath to grow as a young teenager in her first year of college. Her realisation towards the ending was a triumph, she needed to live in the moment and not in a fictional world. I am impressed with the layout of the story and how it has grown into a life lesson into finding out who you are in not only a love story, but a realistic selfless way.

4/5 stars

Lydia S Jones

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