Monday, 30 June 2014

Return to Labyrinth (Return to Labyrinth #1) by Jake T. Forbes, Chris Lee

Return to Labyrinth (Return to Labyrinth #1)

by Jake T. Forbes, Chris Lee

As a lover of all things Jim Henson's Labyrinth I was curious on what this graphic novel had to offer within the fiction world. I was impressed when my boyfriend handed me this graphic novel having known he knows nothing of the Labyrinth, film or not. I wanted to enter the world of Jareth's Labyrinth, reliving my childhood at nearly 20 years old.

I wondered where this journey would take me, introduce me to new characters and imaginative creatures. I was utterly impressed by the creation of a new story, following Toby growing up and how Sarah's world is now his. Toby's characteristics seems very selfish, his personality is very morbid and controlling over who he is and what he wants. However, this was a very likely outcome for Toby seeing as he very much was that child in the original Labyrinth; Sarah's annoying little brother. In my opinion, Toby and Sarah are similar characters as their characteristics mold together into their parents. I would enjoy seeing more about Sarah in the next installments and see where her childhood takes her.

Favoring Jareth, the Goblin King I admire his passion and devotion towards Sarah and how his love for her has not passed throughout the years. I am excited to see what happens with Jareth and how he has left the thrown to Toby.

As a fan of Jim Henson's Labyrinth and a first reader of any sort of graphic novel, I was impressed and loved Return to Labyrinth. If you have ever watched Labyrinth growing up, visited the world I once had I recommend this journey back into this world. Revisit Hoggle and Ludo once more!

4/5 stars

Lydia S Jones

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