Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Social Media Path by Lydia Jones

It took me a while for me to decide in which direction I wanted to head towards for my career. I tried to think of everything that I wanted to do and outline it with my greatest ambition. To be published. After reading up on job roles, on career options I knew straight away University was not for me. It might be the constant sitting in lectures or the time wasting experience, I just knew I didn't want that. I wanted to be able to give my all each time, to get straight into a job that I would thoroughly enjoy. The no-debt fee was also a great upside.

I knew the path I wanted to take was to find a job that could support me and my career. When I stumbled across The Juice Academy Apprenticeship scheme for Social Media, I wasn't too sure that I had a chance. Yes, like all other young people out there I use social networks actively and hold my own Blog. But I didn't think I could see myself in the position. Without any other thought, I read around the job roles, around companies and the definition of social media and knew this was the step I was willing to take. I was impressed with everything The Juice Academy had to offer, earning what I would have spent on a University degree doing something I love.

At first I was reluctant to want to step backwards into education, I was so relieved when I was out of it. I found myself on one foot getting my head back into the world of learning. However, from experience I have found myself settled and handling each task in a well thought-out way. I was happy to resume into this world and to come to grips on what social media does to industries.

I believe if you doubt your options, doubt your career path and what you want to do. Wait, plan and choose. There is never a rush on what choices you have to make, University is always going to be there. Jobs are always going to be available. However, getting into them jobs are the important aspects. Decide yourself. But never forget to ask questions. I could always see myself entering a career surrounded by the media. Maybe not in the sense of which I am in, but there is always room to change, this is step one. There are plenty more steps to come by. Always believe in you. 

Lydia S Jones

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