Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Mcfly - Unsaid Things... Our Story by Tom Fletcher, Dougie Poynter, Danny Jones & Harry Judd

McFly - Unsaid Things... Our Story

by Mcfly; Tom Fletcher, Dougie Poynter, Danny Jones and Harry Judd

Wow. Are the words that are leaving my mouth at this moment. Of course being a Mcfly 'Galaxy Defender' makes this journey of reading Unsaid Things much more meaningful. Where do I start? The autobiography comes from each Danny's, Tom's, Dougie's and Harry's point of view as they make up the well- known British Band Mcfly. It starts of course with Tom's story and how he was the one who we are to thank for discovering and introducing this amazing band that I have adored for 10 years along with Busted's, James Bourne. The audience discovers the truth, heartaches, depression and on a serious note suicide from the bands perspectives, revealing honestly to us the true intention of the band.

I can't come to explain my feelings as I read on and on through the book, it was gripping and made you feel connected with each band member. From Tom's struggles that we never knew of, to Dougie's truth of why he was in rehab. Unsaid Things has left me to say I am a proud and devoted fan who has been supporting since 2004. My opinions may seem biased but Mcfly are always going to be a fully respected band and not a boy band.

5/5 stars

Lydia S Jones


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