Thursday, 20 September 2012

Ruined (book 1) by Paula Morris

Ruined (Book 1)

by Paula Morris 

Ruined is a beautiful, interesting, intriguing mysterious novel. I loved the way this novel reaches out and draws you into the life of Rebecca's new life and to come in contact with the theme of Day of The Dead.

Rebecca's life changed from how she knew it when she embarked on a new life as she was shipped to live in New Orleans to fulfil a unknown prophecy to Rebecca's knowledge. Lisette is introduced, a young black girl in tattered clothing shocked to meet Rebecca as she is visual to her. Lisette's supernatural ways include her tragic story of her death and the curse that haunts the higher social classes of New Orleans. The book flicks between mentions of different eras setting you in a 18th century town that is old fashioned and left to rot after Katrina struck. It's inclusion of a number of different themes; death, revenge, friendship, family and social class intrigue you into wanting to read more!

If you are one for the supernatural genre and love anything dark romantic, even minus all the romance (there is still some!) Paula Morris has done a superb job in creating a mysterious prophecy ridden novel, which carries on into a series. Absolutely thrilling and incredible story.

4/5 stars

Lydia S Jones


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