Friday, 11 February 2011

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

The Lovely Bones

by Alice Sebold

My opinion set upon the book is leaning towards the novel that the movie which was created after the book was sold. I did love the film adaptation of this novel, the film was beautiful and breath taking however I do like the novel more. For someone who has read the book before the movie and knew about the novel before it was a big production I see it as an descriptive effective novel which draws your attention straight away, you want to know what has happened to Susie, wanting to know if her farther will find out who it was and will he get caught. The truth is always revealed in the end.

It keeps you at the edge of your sleep, pulling you closer wanting you to read on through the novel, the writing is a very strong pull for that. Alice Sebold's writing is fantastic, the truthful stories within herself of what she has witnessed or been apart in are extremely important.

If you haven't read this book but have seen the film, I strongly recommend you to pick up a copy and read it. It's one story you will never forget and will stick with you throughout life. Alice Sebold's a strong writer who puts her all into her writing, whether its a true story like her other novels or not. Truly incredible novel which shall always remain a favourite of mine.

5/5 stars

Lydia S Jones


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