Thursday, 3 April 2014

What Remains by Nicole R. Taylor

What Remains  

by Nicole R. Taylor

Firstly, I placed this book on my want Christmas list hoping I'd find a new love for a book. I was intrigued by the Dystopian genre that I have grew fondly of. I honestly, can say I actually enjoyed this book. 

Maybe Prue's discomfort, childish running away from others began to get irritating, however in the perspective of someone left alone in the wild for 3 years without speaking to anyone or having to go through so many challenges created this new unique dangerous protagonist who only minimally needed a male's help. Her lack of vocabulary was irritating but as you grew to come to turns with who Prue is, you understand and believe her character will become more reliant within meeting Shaw. 

Every book needs a male and female lead, Prue met Shaw. Shaw was a masculine character who himself was so similar to Prue with death, family and hidden broken past's. They suited from the start.

I really did enjoy Nicole R.Taylor's take to the Dystopian genre, enhancing out creatures and diseases into the wild and creating something more threatening for society, human's becoming violent as well as mutant living creatures.

4/5 stars

Lydia S Jones


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